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Gaucho Highlands

The Gaucho Highlands is the mountainous region in the northeastern portion of Rio Grande do Sul. This mountainous region is home to many Brazilians of German and Italian descent. Consequently, the cities in the Serra Gaúcha reflect German and Italian influences through their architecture, gastronomy and culture.


The region was settled by European immigrants during the 19th century. Germans started arriving in 1824 and Italians in 1875. Germans settled in the lowlands, close to river springs, while Italians populated the highlands. As a result, the region has a unique blend of German and Italian cultures, reflected in the local architecture and cuisine.

Bento Gonçalves: 107.341
Canela: 39.328
Caxias do Sul: 441.332
Gramado: 32.300

Location: Rio Grande do Sul
       Localização do Rio Grande do Sul no Brasil

Airport: Salgado Filho International Airport (Website)

Daily Mean: 68º Farhrenheit

Gramado portao.jpg    

Gramado hosts the Festival de Gramado, a major South American film festival and Gramado's most important event. Gramado is also known by hydrangeas blossoming in late spring. Another key event in Gramado is Natal Luz, when Gramado is decked out in lights and wreaths made of recycled material by local residents.

    Catedral Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, uma das atrações turísticas de Canela.   
    Catedral Nossa Senhora de Lourdes
    Cascata do Caracol